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Palazzo Reale - Royal Palace

Palazo Reale








In 1563, with the transfer of the capital of the duchy from Chambéry to Turin, Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy has his residence in the palace of the bishop at the Cathedral. As early as 1584, however, Carlo Emanuele I commissioned architect Ascanio Vittozzi to build a new structure. After 1643, under the regency of Maria Cristina of France, the direction of the work passed to Carlo of Castellamonte and then to Carlo Morello. At the same time the parade rooms on the first floor were furnished, they were characterized by rich carved and gilded wooden ceilings with large allegorical paintings by Jan Miel and Charles Dauphin, whose subjects extol the virtues of the ruler according to a schedule dictated by the rhetorician of iconographic Emanuele Tesauro court.

In 1688 the painter Daniel Seiter was called to Rome to paint the tunnel by then called "Daniel's". Seiter, helped by the Genoese painter Bartolomeo Guidobono, also intervened in the apartment on the ground floor, later known as Madama Felicita. At the end of the seventeenth century, the plant of the garden was revised and expanded by the famous French architect Andre Le Notre.

When Vittorio Amadeo II was awarded the Royal title in 1713, was created so-called "control zone", adjacent to the building and consists of the Administrative Offices, Offices, Regal Theater and the State archives. The director of such interventions was the architect Filippo Juvarra Messina, who inside the building created the“Scala delle forbici” and the Chinese Cabinet. Several rooms are decorated with paintings by Claudio Francesco Beaumont, official painter of Carlo Emanuele III, who ascended the throne in 1730.

At the start of Juvarra to Madrid, the position of the main Royal became architect Benedetto Alfieri, who redefined the decorations of the apartments on the second floor, renovated Gallery of Daniel and decorated their new rooms of the Archives, painted by Francesco de Mura and Gregorio Guglielmi.

At the time of Carlo Alberto (1831-1849) some of the main floor rooms, such as the Hall of the Swiss and the Council Hall, and some of the apartments on the second floor were renewed under the direction of Bologna Pelagius Palagi.

Close to the unification of Italy, in 1862, the new grand staircase was made. With the transfer of the capital from Turin to Florence and then to Rome, the palace gradually lost its functions of residence and since 1955 the Superintendence for Architectural Heritage and Landscape has been taking care of it.

Director: Arch. Daniela Biancolini



Opening times

Open Tuesday to Sunday 8.30 - 19.30
Closed on Monday

Ticket offices close at 18.00
Closure tasks start at 18.00


Ticket include the visit of Polo Reale: Royal Palace, Royal Amoury, Savoy Galley, Archeological Museum.
Ticket office at Palazzo Reale - Piazzetta Reale 1.

Full Price: € 12,00
Reduced: € 6,00
Free admission: citizens under the age of eighteen or over the age of sixty five / citizens with disabilities and a family member or other accompanying person / personnel of the Ministry for the Cultural Heritage and Activities/ members of ICOM (International Council of Museums) / Abbonamento Musei / Torino Piemonte Card


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