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Established in 1832 at the behest of King Carlo Alberto, the Savoy Gallery houses the collections from the Royal Palace, the Carignano palace in Turin as well as the Durazzo palace in Genoa (acquired in 1824), increased result of other acquisitions and donations, was given to the State in 1860 by Vittorio Emanuele II and in 1865 it found its current location in the palace of the Academy of Sciences.

The new collection system, according to the specification renovated between 1987 and 1997, includes seven areas of access. On the first floor are displayed the works of the Piedmontese School (XIV-XVI century). These are the works of Giovanni Martino Spanzotti, Gandolfino da Roreto, Macrino d’Alba, Defendente Ferrari and Gaudenzio Ferrari, the Italian masters of the fifteenth and sixteenth century, with paintings of Beato Angelico, Pollaiolo, Filippino Lippi, Bronzino and the Bellini brothers. The collections of Prince Eugene of Savoy-Soissons (Italian classicists and Dutch painters of the seventeenth century) and the collection of Flemish and Dutch Painting (Jan Van Eyck, Hans Memling, Rembrandt and an extensive series of portraits).

The second floor is dedicated to the Savoy iconography and to the dynasty collection, ordered in three areas; the first (by Emanuele Filiberto and Carlo Emanuele I, 1550-1630) collected works of the Cinquecento Veneto (Bassano, Veronese, Tintoretto), of Bronzino and Guercino, of Lombard masters and of derivations from Caravaggio, such as Orazio Gentileschi. The second (by Victor Amadeus I Victor Amadeus II, 1630-1730) houses the collections of Cardinal Maurizio of Savoy (Guido Reni, Domenichino) and Madama Reale Maria Christine of France, along with paintings commissioned or purchased for the residence of the court under the careful direction of the architect Filippo Juvarra. The third section (by Carlo Emanuele III a Carlo Felice, 1730-1831) documents the academic culture of the eighteenth-century and the taste for the views and the proto-Romanesque landscape of the early nineteenth century (Claudio Francesco Beaumont, Bernardo Bellotto, Joseph Peter Bagetti).

As an independent section, maintaining the appearance of a house-museum, it was dislayed the collection of Piedmontese industrialist Richard Gualino, donated to the Gallery in 1930.

Director: Annamaria Bava


Opening times

Open Tuesday to Sunday 8.30 - 19.30
Closed on Monday

Ticket offices close at 18.00
Closure tasks start at 18.00


Ticket include the visit of Polo Reale: Royal Palace, Royal Amoury, Savoy Galley, Archeological Museum.Ticket office at Palazzo Reale - Piazzetta Reale 1.

Full Price: € 12,00
Reduced: € 6,00 (age 18-25)
Free admission: citizens under the age of eighteen or over the age of sixty five / citizens with disabilities and a family member or other accompanying person / personnel of the Ministry for the Cultural Heritage and Activities/ members of ICOM (International Council of Museums) / Abbonamento Musei / Torino Piemonte Card


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