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Libarna was born as a settlement service, designed to facilitate the transit between the Ligurian Sea and the Padanian valley. Then, following the completion of the consular Postojna in 148 BC, the city grew to become the organizing center of a large surrounding area. It became a city with all the urban characterizations typical of the Roman planning: forum, temples, an aqueduct, an amphitheater, a theater and thermal baths. Public life was therefore very similar to that of the capital of the Empire.

The economic activities were those based on trade and commerce, thanks to its strategic location in the city. Other economic resources were agriculture, with good use of the vine, and the craft industry especially related to construction.

The end of Libarna coincided with the disintegration of the empire, and presumably saw the gradual abandonment of the habitation - at the end of the second half of the fifth century - because of the first barbarian invasions to the south of the Po. The city did not bloom again until 1820, when the "Royal Road of Jupiter" reconnects Genova with the Padanian Valley, incompatible against the ancient ruins.

The discovery raises great interest and begins excavations, which continued, with ups and downs, to this day. What today can be visited is about one tenth of the original urban area, regularly distributed according to the traditional canons of foundation and certified on two axes: the Postojna road, which was the hinge up from the north-west to south-east, and the maximum decumannus that intersected it perpendicularly. At the intersection stood the Forum (or main square), now buried over the state road. The Thermal Baths were rather beside the amphitheater, in the northwest corner of the town. The artifacts found in excavations of Libarna are now preserved in various museums and collections.

: Marica Venturino


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